I GOT THE POWAAAAAA!!! No more charging blocks for my room! Lol

#FJOTD all four rolled and height adjusted on @yousufzuberi ms3! #rolledbylizerd

What a coincidence how we’re both here with our coworkers bro haha @itsnic0 (at AT&T Park)

Just got my #NiceLaundry order in! No more boring black dress socks!

#FJOTD front fenders rolled on @fftecmotorsports customer’s #R35 #GTR #rolledbylizerd (at FFTEC Motorsports)

#FJOTD front fenders pulled on @randytruongg s2k! #rolledbylizerd (at VEXMOTORSPORTS)

Happy 21st bday @octopvsssy! lahvvyiuuuu Lil sisss ! can’t wait to see you later and take a LEGAL shot with you haha

#FJOTD rears rolled on @michaeltran_ aired out q45! Can’t wait to see what he has in store for this! #rolledbylizerd

#FJOTD all four rolled with front tabs relocated on @abrahamazing is350! #rolledbylizerd

Aw yeaaaa. Final touch ups tomorrow!

The remodel starts naoooooooo! Can’t wait to get rid of this whack baby blue color on the walls haha

#FJOTD all four rolled on this c class! #rolledbylizerd

Forget the bucket of ice water. We’re in a drought here in California lol thanks for challenging me @sreymy

#FJOTD returning customer @armondooo! Needed the fenders worked on a bit more to clear the more aggressive setup! #rolledbylizerd (at VEXMOTORSPORTS)

I love me some Korean fried chicken doe. @nerdybeard @chineese and I put in work last night and annihilated these wings and drums of greatness